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Who is a sleep apnoea device suitable for?

For almost everyone who snores or has been diagnosed with mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). A sleep apnoea device (also known as a mandibular advancement device) is also an effective alternative for those who suffer from snoring or OSA and who cannot tolerate CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) therapy or mask therapy.

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When is treatment with a sleep apnoea device recommended?

The innovative SomnoDent® mandibular advancement device (MAD) is particularly effective when treating mild or moderate sleep apnoea. The MAD is an effective alternative to a CPAP machine. However, not all NHS Sleep Services currently offer MADs as part of their service so you may need to contact a dentist with an interest in sleep medicine.

Many dentists who specialise in sleep medicine recommend the SomnoDent® device to their patients as it is a comfortable and highly effective solution to sleep apnoea and snoring.

Always contact your GP first if you suspect you may have sleep apnoea.

How does the sleep apnoea device work?

The SomnoDent® sleep apnoea device is individually adapted to the shape of your jaw. The device is made up of two arches, one for each of the upper and lower jaws. The SomnoDent® sleep apnoea device has a patented design. The device gently holds the lower jaw forward in the ideal position required to alleviate symptoms.  The throat muscles and surrounding tissue are opened up by this process and the tongue remains forward.

When you wear your SomnoDent® sleep apnoea device at night, your airways remain open while you sleep, therefore the soft tissue in the upper throat area no longer vibrates, so eliminating the main cause of loud snoring.

The sleep apnoea device comes with extra soft, tooth and mouth friendly SMH B-Flex lining which provides a very high level of comfort and remains odour free.  A survey among users of the device showed an extremely high level of satisfaction with around 88% wearing it regularly.  91% of users confirm and improvement in sleep quality. Regular use increases the success of the treatment and leads to long-term relief, which can noticeably reduce the risks associated with sleep apnoea.

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Closure of the respiratory tract
Closure of the respiratory tract
Opening of the respiratory tract with SomnoDent
Opening of the respiratory tract with SomnoDent