Sleep apnoea and health

Sleep apnoea and our health

What consequences can untreated sleep apnoea have on our health? And which factors increase the risk of sleep apnoea with nocturnal pauses in breathing or sleep disorders?

Sleep apnoea and heart health

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Every day our heart beats about 100,000 times and transports up to 10,000 liters of blood. A tremendous achievement and an organ we should protect. Untreated sleep apnoea can lead to severe cardiovascular disease.

Sleep apnoea and high blood pressure

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The higher the blood pressure, the higher the risk of sleep disturbances and sleep apnoea at night. The reverse is also true: sleep apnoea can at least promote high blood pressure.

Sleep apnoea and menopause

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Around half of menopausal women suffer from insomnia. Women between the ages of 40 and 60 are affected.

However, due to atypical sleep apnoea symptoms, the nocturnal breathing pauses are often not recognized or misdiagnosed.

Sleep apnoea and mental health

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Sleep and mental health are closely related. 90 percent of our physical, emotional and mental health depends on good quality sleep.

Patient testimonial...

“Having suffered jaw and tooth pain over several months and following several appointments with my GP and regular dentist to no avail, I asked April (dentist) if she could give me a second opinion.  After careful consultation April suggested that sleep apnoea and teeth grinding might be behind the issues and recommended a Somnomed device to wear at night.  It is now just under a week since I started using the device and the effects have been fantastic. I can now get a nights sleep, the pain has almost gone! Thank you April for taking so much care to get to the bottom of things, your help has made such a difference.”

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