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Treatment with a mandibular advancement device

Has snoring begun to cause issues in your relationship or are you suffering persistent daytime sleepiness? If you have been thinking of an anti-snoring device because you should consult your doctor. Snoring could be a sign that you are suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (repeated pauses in breathing during sleep) which is much more serious than snoring alone.

We are all aware of the importance of sleep and research suggests that there could be at least 8 million people in the UK suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnoea syndrome (OSA). If left untreated, OSA can have serious consequences. Not only does OSA lower quality of life, it also increases risk of heart failure, hypertension, stroke and diabetes.

Travelling with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea

Patient testimonial...

“My name is Simon Wilsdon I am a general dentist in York with a special interest in dental sleep medicine. Over several years I have experienced mild sleep apnoea and, unfortunately for my wife, loud snoring.  I have tried several different mandibular advancement devices over the years. These have given initial improvement but nothing long lasting and were uncomfortable over time.

After investigating different options, I decided to give the new SomnoMed Avant appliance a try. I have now been wearing it for just over a year. The results have been very good. My wife now knows when I have forgotten to put the device in as I will be snoring!  It is very easy to use and very comfortable, especially to the inner cheeks. The appliance can be simply adjusted by using the additional straps, which are included with the device. My sleep patterns are much improved. The only drawback is that it can make you salivate (dribble) when sleeping, but to be fair all of the appliances I have tried have done this.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this for anyone who has problems with snoring.”

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